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HD Sunday! August 23, 2015 - Part 1

So, since I was at ChiCon last weekend, am I forgiven for no pic spam? ;)

I brought gifties to make amends. LOL Very special thanks to montybird nakedwesley vecturist and knightief for the permission to share all of these with you. There are a few from my phone, but they have the good cameras. Next year however, I will have my camera too. Its not an expensive one, but with where my seat is, you can hardly go wrong with any camera. ;)

Been furiously sifting through pictures from our group and somewhat have them sorted. I meant to post some yesterday but the day (RL) got away from me. RL has been in the way a lot since I got back, but hopefully that's settling down now.

So, just some shots to whet everyone's appetite. Starting with a few of Joe with Paul and a couple others. There are many more of Joe coming. He was awesome as always. He's become quite the con veteran and is great with the audience. Charming too, as always. ;) Though, I find it pretty funny that he's wearing the same pants as last year. HA! Went back and looked at my pics and sure enough! The shirt is different(though I've seen that one before...) But yep. Same pants! He must like those! LOL

And of course, his shoes. LOL He always has great sneakers!

 photo JoesShoes1.jpg  photo JoesShoes2.jpg

Paul jumped out on stage with him, unannounced. Was really cute!

 photo JoePaul6.jpg  photo JoePaul5.jpg  photo JoePaul4.jpg

 photo JoePaul3.jpg  photo JoePaul2.jpg  photo JoePaul1.jpg

 photo JoeDanAlex1.jpg

More to come as I get everything organized! Hopefully these will hold you over until then!
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Metal Hurlant Chronicles - a review of the Blu Ray series

"The fifth episode is another mostly impressive offering. 'Master of Destiny' stars the remarkably underrated American actor Joe Flanigan as a rogue of a star pilot on the hunt for a mysterious alien race. You might not always like what his character “Hondo” does, but you will certainly want to know what he does next."

Remarkably underrated... Word!

Read the entire review here at
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HD Sunday! July 19, 2015

I'm a little late but at least I'm still posting on Sunday right? (Well, its still Sunday here in my neck of the woods... err... world LOL)

I got my errands done today and then was lazy by the pool working on my tan. ;) What a nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon!

Anyway, continuing The Very Best of Sheppard from Season 3, all BluRay. The good news is that I capped the BluRay of The Queen from season 5, so look for those next weekend :D

In the meantime, enjoy these. Not too many, it definitely wasn't a Sheppard heavy ep but what there is.. yum! Black T-Shirt of YUM! Pecs, arms... can't go wrong >:)


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HD Sunday! July 12, 2015

Okay, so it's not Sunday anymore but I got busy and by the time I got around to posting, LJ was being squirrely and it was late and I was tired and... well... its Common Ground! I have to do this one justice! LOL

So, BluRay caps, the Very Best of Sheppard from one of my favorite episodes for so many reasons (not the least of which was young again Sheppard at the end with that half unzipped shirt and... *GUH* *ROWR*!)

Enjoy the Sunday treat on Monday! And oh... Uhh... there are LOTS. >:)

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Some things never change...

Starving for a new Joe pic? This one courtesy a guest appearance on Mamoa's Instagram (with another hunky guy who I don't know). From the comments, I checked the date and it looks like this was during Montreal's Comicon this past weekend.

The best things remain... classic Joe!