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HD Pic Spam... More BluRay Caps!

So, one of my NY resolutions was to give some focus back to fandom again. 2015 was pretty much a bust from a fandom perspective. Seems like so much happened in RL, I never really had any normalcy. Weird year. Job, family...

Anyway, fandom slipped by the wayside, all of it. Writing, vidding, art, and of course caps.

I also have completed major upgrades to my computer... software much better now.

So, in keeping with my resolution, a warm up with Tracker BluRay caps. Not a lot of Sheppard here, but maybe... just maybe I can get through First Contact for tomorrow? ;)

One thing I really did like about Tracker (besides Kiryuk, who I've always vowed to write into a story...) was the Wraith were really badass again... I mean really. Like season 1 badass. Not talkative, not wanting to negotiate or chat or anything, just badass "I'm going to kill and eat you," Wraith. ;)

 photo Sheppard8HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard3HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard2HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard6HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard5HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard7HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard4HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppard1HDB.jpg
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HD Sunday! November 29, 2015

Wow... sorta dropped the ball this month. It's been a bit of a weird one for me, sorry. Only excuse I have is last week being out of town for the US Thanksgiving holiday. ;)

To all my US friends, I hope you ate too much turkey and enjoyed the holiday last week.

Let's see... Sunday. Not one of my favorite eps but..

Shep in a mostly unbuttoned polo shirt!

Shep in Dress Blues!! ;)

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HD Sunday! October 25, 2015

Made it! Still Sunday in my neck of the woods. ;)

Been working on my computer all day. Didn't want to, I'm replacing it after the first of the year, but no choice. *sigh* what a monumental task to reinstall everything and get all my settings the way I want them. Wow. LOL But a good time to upgrade software (wow, some of my stuff was old!) and evaluate what I really need installed, and what I'm not using anymore. ;)

Anyway, HD pics (and yes, I do need to cap again.. .I was going to write this weekend, but the computer mess ruled that out..*sigh*)

3x15 The Game. Interesting episode, but lots of intense Shep.*rowr*

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HD Sunday! October 18, 2015

Was out of town last weekend, out and about seeing the sites of Austin and San Antonio, so I missed posting.

Back again with some more "Best of!" (hmm... I really need to get back to capping... and writing and art and, well, Fandom! ;) )

In the meantime, this might have been a "Rodney"-centric episode, (though the Sheppard and McKay stuff was great!) but mmm... black Tshirt, gray pants... there's so much sexy to love in this one! ;)


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FANonmenon Documentary featuring Joe is on Hulu!

indielynne (Twitter: @fanomenonthedoc and @indielynne) amazing documentary exploring women in fandom, by following a John Sheppard/Joe Flanigan fan to her first con, is up on Hulu now! This originally aired in Canada and I know several friends here in the US who have never had the chance to see it.

Its an awesome documentary that features Joe along with other scifi genre actors including David Hewlett, Colin Ferguson, Richard Hatch, Torri Higginson and others.

*ahem* yours truly is in it along with others from the SGA/Stargate fandom as well.

This is an honest, very real, very well done examination of fandom and women in fandom in particular that challenges the stereotypes while still embracing the culture of fandom, fans and conventions.

Go to Hulu and watch!