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Dragon Con 2017 - Part 2

So great to see comments and that we still have people around :) Happy to share all of these with all of you.

So, I fiddled with my camera settings and I think the lighting was better in Sunday's venue. Plus, we waited in line a long time (couple hours?) and got front row seats. Joe was on the opposite side of the stage from me (they moved him, originally he was almost right in front of us! *pout*) But still, I'm very pleased with how these pictures in particular turned out.

 photo JoeChrisRachel5.jpg  photo JoeChrisRachel6.jpg  photo JoeChrisRachel4.jpg

 photo JoeChrisRachel3.jpg  photo JoeChrisRachel2.jpg  photo JoeChrisRachel1.jpg

 photo JoeChris2.jpg  photo JoeChris1.jpg  photo Joe95.jpg

 photo Joe92.jpg  photo Joe94.jpg  photo Joe93.jpg

 photo Joe91.jpg  photo Joe89.jpg  photo Joe90.jpg

 photo Joe88.jpg  photo Joe86.jpg  photo Joe87.jpg

 photo Joe85.jpg  photo Joe83.jpg  photo Joe84.jpg

 photo Joe82.jpg  photo Joe81.jpg  photo Joe80.jpg

 photo Joe79.jpg  photo Joe77.jpg  photo Joe78.jpg

 photo Joe76.jpg  photo Joe73.jpg  photo Joe74.jpg

 photo Joe72.jpg  photo Joe71.jpg  photo Joe70.jpg

 photo Joe68.jpg  photo Joe69.jpg  photo Joe67.jpg

 photo Joe65.jpg  photo Joe64.jpg  photo Joe66.jpg

 photo Joe62.jpg  photo Joe63.jpg  photo Joe61.jpg

 photo Joe59.jpg  photo Joe58.jpg  photo Joe57.jpg

 photo Joe55.jpg  photo Joe54.jpg  photo Joe56.jpg

 photo Joe53.jpg  photo Joe52.jpg  photo Joe51.jpg

 photo Joe49.jpg  photo Joe48.jpg  photo Joe50.jpg

 photo Joe47.jpg  photo Joe46.jpg  photo Joe40.jpg

 photo Joe41.jpg  photo Joe42.jpg  photo Joe43.jpg

 photo Joe44.jpg  photo Joe45.jpg  photo Joe34.jpg

 photo Joe37.jpg  photo Joe35.jpg  photo Joe36.jpg

 photo Joe38.jpg  photo Joe39.jpg  photo Joe33.jpg

 photo Joe32.jpg  photo Joe31.jpg  photo Joe30.jpg

 photo Joe29.jpg  photo Joe28.jpg  photo Joe22.jpg

 photo Joe24.jpg  photo Joe23.jpg  photo Joe26.jpg

 photo Joe25.jpg  photo Joe27.jpg  photo Joe60.jpg
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