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Chicago Con 2016 Part 1

Hello all!

Took me a bit to get everything sorted after Con but finally all straight.

Pictures of Joe from Chi Con. Some are mine, but many thanks also to vecturist, montybird, knightief and nakedwesley too! Pictures are shared by the good will of everyone who took them. Please enjoy but give credit where credit is due and cite the source. Watermarks will help keep that straight :)

Front row seats definitely have their advantage. Going to miss that!

Have lots. Here's some today, look for more tomorrow as I finish up sorting and archiving. :)

 photo Joe70.jpg  photo Joe69.jpg  photo Joe68.jpg

 photo Joe67.jpg  photo Joe66.jpg  photo Joe65.jpg

 photo Joe64.jpg  photo Joe63.jpg  photo Joe71.jpg

 photo Joe62.jpg  photo Joe78.jpg  photo Joe61.jpg

 photo Joe60.jpg  photo Joe59.jpg  photo Joe58.jpg

 photo Joe57.jpg  photo Joe56.jpg  photo Joe55.jpg

 photo Joe54.jpg  photo Joe53.jpg  photo Joe52.jpg

 photo Joe51.jpg  photo Joe50.jpg  photo Joe49.jpg

 photo Joe48.jpg  photo Joe47.jpg  photo Joe46.jpg

 photo Joe45.jpg  photo Joe44.jpg  photo Joe43.jpg

 photo Joe42.jpg  photo Joe41.jpg  photo Joe17.jpg

 photo Joe40.jpg  photo Joe16.jpg  photo Joe15.jpg

 photo Joe39.jpg  photo Joe38.jpg  photo Joe37.jpg
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