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Lost Tribe BluRay Caps - Part 1

Double dose today :) Here are BluRay caps from Lost Tribe featuring Sheppard and other characters. Hope to post the solo shots tomorrow :)

 photo SheppardZelenka4HDB.jpg  photo SheppardZelenka3HDB.jpg  photo SheppardZelenka2HDB.jpg

 photo SheppardTraveler2HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTraveler1HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeylaZelenka6HDB.jpg

 photo SheppardTeylaZelenka5HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeyla5HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeylaZelenka4HDB.jpg

 photo SheppardTeyla1HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeyla4HDB.jpg  photo Group3HDB.jpg

 photo Group2HDB.jpg  photo Display1HDB.jpg
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