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HD Sunday! July 26, 2015

As promised! Part 2 of The Queen BluRay caps.

As a side note, I can't believe how fast ChiCon is coming up! 3 weeks! Sheesh! Have some autograph artwork I need to work on... ;) and of course, it'll be fun to post new pics of Joe for everyone! :)

In the meantime, enjoy the "Sheppard Collection" from The Queen.

 photo Sheppard74HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard73HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard72HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard68HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard70HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard71HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard69HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard67HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard66HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard64HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard65HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard61HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard60HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard62HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard63HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard56HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard59HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard58HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard57HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard53HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard52HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard55HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard54HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard51HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard50HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard49HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard44HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard47HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard46HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard48HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard45HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard41HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard40HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard39HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard38HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard36HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard37HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard33HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard32HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard31HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard23HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard28HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard24HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard29HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard26HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard20HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard22HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard21HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard17HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard19HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard18HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard14HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard11HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard10HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard12HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard8HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard9HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard4HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard5HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard2HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard7HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard6HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard3HDB.jpg
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