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BluRay Caps - The Queen Part 1

So, as I mentioned last weekend, I capped the BluRay of The Queen. Got through all those caps and thought I'd share.

Today, Sheppard and other Characters. Look for the Sheppard Solo shots tomorrow :) Enjoy!

 photo SheppardTeylaKeller1HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeyla2HDB.jpg  photo SheppardTeyla3HDB.jpg

 photo SheppardTeyla1HDB.jpg  photo SheppardKeller1HDB.jpg  photo RononSheppardTeyla1HDB.jpg

 photo RononSheppard6HDB.jpg  photo RononSheppard5HDB.jpg  photo RononSheppard4HDB.jpg

 photo RononSheppard3HDB.jpg  photo RononSheppard2HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon14HDB.jpg

 photo McKaySheppardRonon15HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon13HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon11HDB.jpg

 photo McKaySheppardRonon12HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon10HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon9HDB.jpg

 photo McKaySheppardRonon7HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardRonon8HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppardKeller2HDB.jpg

 photo McKaySheppardKeller1HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppard3HDB.jpg  photo McKaySheppard2HDB.jpg

 photo Group1HDB.jpg
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