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HD Sunday! July 19, 2015

I'm a little late but at least I'm still posting on Sunday right? (Well, its still Sunday here in my neck of the woods... err... world LOL)

I got my errands done today and then was lazy by the pool working on my tan. ;) What a nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon!

Anyway, continuing The Very Best of Sheppard from Season 3, all BluRay. The good news is that I capped the BluRay of The Queen from season 5, so look for those next weekend :D

In the meantime, enjoy these. Not too many, it definitely wasn't a Sheppard heavy ep but what there is.. yum! Black T-Shirt of YUM! Pecs, arms... can't go wrong >:)


 photo Sheppard10HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard11HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard12HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard14HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard15HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard16HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard1HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard21HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard22HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard24HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard27HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard29HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard2HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard31HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard33HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard35HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard37HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard38HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard40HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard41HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard42HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard4HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard5HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard7HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard8HDB.jpg
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