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HD Sunday! June 28, 2015

Kinda quiet around here! ;) I'm back with some more season 3 BluRay caps. Might have to continue this trend for a while, as summer has been crazy busy. Haven't had a chance to cap more eps, though I did scramble and manage to get my vid submission done for ChiCon. They require it 40 days ahead of the con. Gads. 40 days?

Anyway, Progeny BluRay caps! Enjoy! :D

 photo Sheppard102HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard108HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard112HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard113HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard117HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard119HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard11HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard121HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard125HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard128HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard131HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard133HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard142HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard145HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard149HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard152HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard159HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard160HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard161HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard162HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard15HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard169HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard170HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard172HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard173HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard174HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard175HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard179HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard185HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard186HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard188HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard191HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard190HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard194HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard201HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard204HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard207HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard210HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard211HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard216HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard220HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard27HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard25HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard38HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard44HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard56HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard5HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard76HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard77HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard7HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard81HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard90HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard93HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard94HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard9HDB.jpg
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