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Joe at DC!

I see a few DC pics, but thought I'd post what I have from a couple of generous and lucky attendees!

Credit (besides to the messy-haired one who always manages to look fantastic...) goes to courtam3(LJ) and Taris(LJ)! Thanks ladies! :D

 photo Taris3.jpg  photo JoeDC14-7.jpg  photo Taris4.jpg

 photo Taris1.jpg  photo JoeDC14-4.jpg  photo JoeDC14-2.jpg

 photo JoeDC14-5.jpg  photo JoeDC14-6.jpg  photo JoeDC14-1.jpg

 photo Taris5.jpg  photo JoeDC14-3.jpg  photo Taris10.jpg

 photo Taris12.jpg  photo Taris14.jpg  photo Taris2.jpg

 photo Taris11.jpg  photo Taris13.jpg  photo Taris9.jpg

 photo Taris6.jpg  photo Taris7.jpg  photo Taris8.jpg
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