December 8th, 2012

  • sgafan

Whumpy Shep....

Woke up feeling a little whumped myself. Headache and sort of blah. Coffee helped. ;)

So a little whumped Shep to go with Neeve's great Infirmary posts! :D

Under cut for length. Clickable thumbnails as always.

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NOTE: It would appear that my images are being downsized by PB (even though this is a premium account and I'm selecting "do not downsize/upload high res image) and when downloaded, sometimes, they look squished and funny. In other words, not downloading correctly. Can anyone confirm? I definitely want to share the full resolution HD images and I want them to be snurchable to everyone too. Since PB's "Help" page is a bunch of FAQs with no way to reply and no way to contact them, I've resorted to Twitter. Hopefully I can get some sort of response. My apologies for the problems. >:(