November 24th, 2012

  • sgafan

BluRay Metal Hurlant Chronicles Caps - Part 1

OK, so finally I was able to cap Master of Destiny in BluRay. Guh. Yeah. Guh. Did I mention GUH?! ;)

Um, for the record? I LOVE the shirt. Not the jacket (though I like that too) but that shirt! With the nice open neckline. Guh! *gulp*

This is part 1 of 2. There are 160 caps so 80 today, and 80 tomorrow. Yes, 80. Its a true spam, but thought I'd just share all of them, with all of you. :) Feel free to snurch and share. All I ask for is credit please. I've watermarked them to help that.

Clickable thumbnails as always. Click to enlarge and some enlarge rather *ahem* nicely! ;)

Under spoiler for amount, and also because if you haven't seen it, then some are spoilerish. Also, if you haven't seen it and aren't familiar, it's not exactly family friendly either. Not sure if that needed to be said, but I said it anyway. ;)

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