September 16th, 2012

  • sgafan

Six Bullets DVD Caps Part 2

As promised! Part 2 of my Six Bullets DVD caps, this time all Andrew! ;) I picked the best ones, but still ended up with about 122 caps to share. LOL (and yes, I shared every single cap I had from the open shirt scene... even if they were a little blurry... Guh LOL)

Warning... open shirt and low riding jeans ahead (amongst other things) you have been warned.

Prepare yourself accordingly because I can't be the only one that thinks that if the jeans were sitting any lower, there would be NOTHING left to imagination. >:)

EDIT: a WTF for Photobucket. There are a couple images in here where the thumbnail image is wrong. The code is right, but photobucket is showing the wrong image. (Andrew with wifey and/or with Gaul) Be sure to click on the picture, because what's underneath is different than what you see! Disregard this message if you're lucky enough to see the right thing, but I"m seeing some weirdness that I can't fix because the code is right. (really Photobucket? I mean... REALLY?! >:( )

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