September 9th, 2012

  • sgafan

Metal Hurlant Chronicles Caps


Matthieu Misiraca has sent me a message requesting that I take down the caps I posted from his demo reel and I have done so as I feel its the right thing to do.

When I capped this, I had seen images on other sites and pages on the Internet and considered the caps to be public domain at this point. They probably still are, but that's not really important to me in this situation. Mr. Misiraca has made a polite request, and I have agreed.

I do believe its bit like Pandora's Box now, since I doubt the Internet can be scrubbed of the images, (mine or others) however, I have done my part at the request of Mr. Misiraca.

As part of that effort, I am also asking that anyone who saved any of my caps for their personal enjoyment do not share them out on other sites. Of course, it's only a request on behalf of myself and Mr. Misiraca, but I'm making it anyway. ;)
  • sgafan

Random Shep!

For today's HD pic spam I did another round of "Random" Shep. I randomly chose a season and ended up with season 4. Then I randomly chose an episode, and ended up with Missing (Interesting. LOL)

So, some caps of Shep from Missing. Not a lot of Shep in this one, but I do like the scenes that he did have. :)

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