August 25th, 2012

  • sgafan

Joe in Chicago Part 1...

As some of you may know, I was at Chicago Con last weekend. Did any of you know that? LOL ;)

Anyway, I have pictures! Today, I thought I'd post ones of Joe and Paul on stage together, just because there are some cute shots of Joe in the dual pics.

Tomorrow... just Joe! ;)

Apologies if a few are a little blurry, the lighting sucked and in a few one or both were moving, but the expressions were too adorable to pass on. I did try to clean them up a bit in Photoshop (color, etc) but Creation is always... challenging with their lighting. *sigh*

ALL picture credits go to montybird and nakedwesley Thanks girls! :D

Clickable thumbnails as always. Under LJ cut for length (45 images)

Enjoy!! :D

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