August 12th, 2012

  • sgafan

HD Sunday! August 12, 2012


Okay so some of these probably were in the "Full body" spam I did a while ago, but really, is anyone annoyed at that? Do any of these ever get old? ;) Tried a different search parameter as well and found some gems I normally wouldn't find, like shots in groups and pairs. As you might have noticed, I *ahem* have lots of caps. Broadening the search produced great results! Forgive the other characters in the caps, I though Shep fit the theme even if other characters were there as well. ;)

Just season 1. Looks like I'll be doing this theme a season at a time!

Under cut for length. LOTS of pictures!

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One week from today is Joe in Chicago! I will do my best to post pictures and share pictures as they come, but might not get them up in "real time" Definitely will share though, just might be a few days. Hoping they will be worth it, we do have front row seats! :D