July 15th, 2012

  • sgafan

HD Sunday! July 15, 2012

Wow! I was starting to wonder if this post was going to happen! LOL First, thunderstorms here kept my main computer (with all my SGA stuff) off, (and I wasn't overly fond of plugging my external drives into my work laptop...) then LJ was down, then I discovered that yes, there is an image limit on any folder on Photobucket. FYI: You cannot have more than 2500 images in a folder, and this set of pictures put me over that in my Daily Flan folder.

Wow. Over 2500 images shared here, in addition to the ones I've shared linked in some of my other PB accounts. LOL!!

So, while I have unlimited storage, I had to start another folder. heh

Anyway, today's selection is Courage, Grit, Intensity, Focus... well, I can't decide which one, but they all apply. I love the grit/courage and focus of Sheppard when the chips are down. I realized that this theme will have to be done one season at a time, as I ended up with 61 images from season 1 alone. heh

Enjoy! :D

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