May 5th, 2012

  • sgafan

Joe - VanCon 2012

First, big thanks to montybird and nakedwesley for the pictures. My camera and lens aren't so hot, so my pictures never turn out. Thanks for the pics and the permission to post and share them ladies! :D

Most are just Joe but there are a few of the duo and trio that I couldn't resist. Oh, and they might be a bit blurry here and there. Between the boys constantly moving, and trying to take pictures and hold a camera still whilst laughing hysterically.... well.... LOL!! Anyone in attendance is lucky to get *any* pictures when those guys get going on stage. Especially David. LOL!!!

Under LJ cut for length, clickable thumbnails. I did resize them down a bit so they were more user friendly to open/access, but still decently large images so if you have a slow connection, be forewarned. ;)

Enjoy! I know I did! :D

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