April 8th, 2012

  • sgafan

HD Sunday! April 8, 2012

For all that celebrate it, Happy Easter! :)

I capped the BluRay of The Real World last week. Not a lot of Shep but some great close ups. I started with BluRay capping of season 3 because I was never satisfied with the quality of the HD files I had for season 3 previously. Some episodes more than others. The difference in quality on this episode was striking. Wow. The close ups on Shep.... *stares*

And BluRay lends itself *so* well to image enhancement, and enhance I did! ;)


The rest under LJ Cut. Enjoy!

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of course you do realize that Common Ground is next in line for BluRay capping right? That will be a big project. LOL Not sure I'll get to it before VanCon, but when I have them done, I will most definitely share! :D