March 15th, 2012

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July 2012 for The Butcher?

Still not much in the way of news/promotion for Six Bullets/The Butcher. According to a Croatian blog, the release date could be July 2012, which is very close to the release date of Expendables 2. Apparently the production is very "green" - recycling the location of at least two other JDVD films, and recycling the film's title. There was a film called "The Butcher" starring Eric Roberts (which in a bizarre six-degrees twist also starred Robert Davi) and an Asian slasher/torture file entitled "The Butcher." (can we please go back to Six Bullets?) There's been a little criticism among JCVD fans concerning shooting at the same location, but all in all fans seem eager for the film.

Another BTS shot - the director, Ernie Barbarash, second from right and Brad Krevoy, Producer. Joe looks a little whumped there.

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