March 3rd, 2012

  • sgafan

Real Joe - LA Con 2010

Joe as at Con in Sweden this weekend, looking for new pictures of the Flan!

In the meantime, I dug in my archives and went back to LA Con 2010, Joe's last appearance in LA. And it looks like Creation has axed the Stargate portion of that Con now too. Weird. According to Creation, after this year, they will only do one Stargate con a year - Chicago. *shrug* The Stargate cons always seemed well attended to me.... huh.

Anyway, Joe at LA 2010. Gawd! GUH!

The rest under LJ cut. Clickable thumbnails. Thanks to my good friend montybird and her awesome camera for the images!

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  • sgafan

Bonus Round!

I'm sure more are on their way, but in the meantime, some first images of Joe in Sweden today.

As I said on Twitter: "Holy sh** he looks so good!!"

Does this man even AGE?! LOL

If I wasn't excited for Vancouver before, *not!* I am now! ;)

Many thanks to FlanInfo, and some other tweeters at the con for posting these! :D