January 27th, 2012

esspresso cups

Change of Plans...

The kids are excited about their VIP pit passes and everyone's having a great time... until that awkward moment, when Jason points out the Keebler sponsored car, they run into Uncle Ernie, who always takes a hands-on approach to marketing and promotion. Fortunately, with only a wink and a nod, Ernie keeps their pact of public decorum.

(Oh, Joe! I love ya, but sometimes you really do ask for it)

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition to fight ACTA. When I posted yesterday morning, the signature count was around 36,000. Checking this morning, the count is over 450,000!! Their magic number is 500,000 - spread the word. Damn the Man - save the Internet! and Happy Friday!!

ETA: ACTA...The people have spoken....564,657 of them at time of writing and it's still going up. Thanks, sherry57 for posting the update.