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The Joe Flanigan Appreciation Society
HD Sunday! November 29, 2015 
29th-Nov-2015 10:48 pm
Wow... sorta dropped the ball this month. It's been a bit of a weird one for me, sorry. Only excuse I have is last week being out of town for the US Thanksgiving holiday. ;)

To all my US friends, I hope you ate too much turkey and enjoyed the holiday last week.

Let's see... Sunday. Not one of my favorite eps but..

Shep in a mostly unbuttoned polo shirt!

Shep in Dress Blues!! ;)

 photo Sheppard100HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard101HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard102HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard104HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard105HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard108HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard107HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard111HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard112HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard113HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard114HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard12HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard1HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard20HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard21HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard25HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard28HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard29HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard32HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard36HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard43HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard44HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard45HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard46HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard52HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard4HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard56HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard57HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard60HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard68HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard69HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard70HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard77HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard78HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard83HDB.jpg  photo Sheppard97HDB.jpg

 photo Sheppard94HDB.jpg
30th-Nov-2015 05:59 pm (UTC)
ohhh, the last one! It's just beautiful! The chest hair, the upper arms.... mmmm....

Are you sure it's him on the 15th? I mean, looks like his arms and hands and crotch (definitely looks like his crotch!) but they put this Cliff or whatshisname in the sparring scenes so often...
2nd-Jan-2016 11:12 pm (UTC)
Hmm... possibly, though I try not to cap the stuntmen ;)
6th-Jan-2016 03:45 pm (UTC)
nono, I was wrong. It's definitely Joe... I mean, John. I recognize his unmentionable parts (after all these years!)
23rd-Feb-2016 12:56 am (UTC)
oh yes... very recognizable. LOL >:)
30th-Nov-2015 07:05 pm (UTC)
Shep in Class A's with woobie face! I was always disappointed that was the only time we got to see him in them :-(
2nd-Jan-2016 11:01 pm (UTC)
I know right? Just once! Wanted more!
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