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I enjoyed John and Woolsey's little moment at the end here...

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... okay, and perhaps I'm showing more of that shallowness. ;) Objections? (I thought not)
Shallow? Maybe just a bit...

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Don't know about you, but seeing Sheppard's dog tags and all that skin was near pornographic!
JF ScottCameron
First Contact today! I liked this one and Sheppard got to be a bada$$ which is always a plus! ;)

 photo Sheppard15HD.jpg

First Contact HD CapsCollapse )
Running in before my 12 hour drive home. LOL

Tracker is up today. Not a lot of Sheppard in that one, though I would've loved to see Kiryuk again and have some interaction between him and Sheppard. After all, look how great he and Ronon were. ;) (not that I'd EVER want that big Satedan replaced!)

The few, but yummy Sheppard caps from Tracker :)

 photo Sheppard6HD.jpg  photo Sheppard5HD.jpg  photo Sheppard4HD.jpg

 photo Sheppard3HD.jpg  photo Sheppard2HD.jpg  photo Sheppard1HD.jpg
Not too bad of an episode... if you're willing to suspend your disbelief for a bit - not the plot, but whether the military commander would or would not be aware of all the teams under his command. And the way these gals kicked ass, I think they would have been a blip on the radar at some point!

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Oh, John!

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I remember when details of this episode were leaked and how we anticipated the airing... miss those Friday nights so much.
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