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20th-Oct-2014 09:33 pm - Ah, Monday... you again?
Hope this makes everyone's Monday a little more tolerable :)

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19th-Oct-2014 08:57 pm - Candid Shot
I love this... sort of looks like if Joe hosted Saturday Night Live :)

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JF-Sugar Ray
19th-Oct-2014 12:32 am - Double Exposure...
Joe at FedCon 2012

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(sorry, I sort of forgot I was filling in this weekend - it's been a long and busy day)
17th-Oct-2014 09:14 pm - Vegas Friday - Devil on My Shoulder
I couldn't resist these two side by side... fitting bookends for the week, yeah?

Oh, my ♥

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Eric Sayles...


Eeeeee! Floppy hair!
JF-Tom Arquette
14th-Oct-2014 09:41 pm - Aurora
Aurora had some of the best lighting and camera work...

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(of course, I enhanced this a bit ;)
13th-Oct-2014 11:21 pm - A Case of the Mondays...
Of course, from inside the casino, it's hard to tell what day it is, right? I wonder if that happens to Mike often...

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12th-Oct-2014 12:09 pm - HD Sunday! October 12, 2014
I watched Runner while on the treadmill this morning for the first time in a long time.

Now I have an urge to look at Sheppard and Ronon shots. ;)

Sheppard and Ronon – Season 4Collapse )
11th-Oct-2014 11:04 pm - Purple is the Color of Royalty....
and he is royally sexy, right? ;)

Circled back to color themes. This time, Purple toned pictures. Honestly, the man looks good in any color lighting!

And yes... I almost forgot today. Technically, its still Saturday here... for another hour. ;)

Purple ShepCollapse )
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